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Define your RPA Now!

Automation is the demand from most of the individuals if they are thrown a question at them “Whether or not would you be fine with those boring tasks off of your hands”. RPA enables Organizations to make use of these software robots to finish all these repetitive, time consuming work for improved customer satisfaction. In addition to that, employees can now look into much pressing matters than the same old boring tasks which could be automated. This also helps them ensure that they can develop their skills and experience for the betterment of the Organization.

So now that you’ve decided automation is a good idea, where do you start? What are the types of processes that can be automated? Here’s a categorized list of 30+ examples to get you started:

Website scraping
2 . Customer Order Processing
3 . Incoming Customer email query processing
4 . Transferring data from one system to another
5 . Call center operations
6 . Payroll processing
7 . Forms processing
8 . Client profile updates
9 . Generating renewal premiums
10. Claims processing
11. Underwriting processes
12. Policy administration and servicing
13. Requests for overdraft protection
14. Exception processing (overrides for high-value customers or low-risk transactions)
15. Statement reconciliation
16. Credit card applications
17. Dispute resolution
18. Patient registration
19. Provider credential verification
20. Member eligibility and billing
21. W4 management
22. Benefits administration
23. Onboarding
24. System access and setup
25. Compliance reporting
26. Change of address processing (can be on multiple systems)
27. Fraudulent account closing
28. Customer complaints processing
29. Data cleansing
30. Straight-through processing of customer orders
31. Order updates
32. Shipping notifications

Robotic Process Automation is well suited for processes that are clearly defined and well documented, repeatable without much changes and also if they are rules based. Based on criteria mentioned, it helps organizations across numerous industries automate the completion of a wide variety of tasks.

Mohon dijelaskan dari contoh proses automation, yang mana yang dibutuhkan anda
Ada dua jenis RPA , Attended dan Non Attended. Attended masih memerlukan trigger manusia untuk memulai
Mohon diisi jika sudah memiliki preference vendor
Mohon masukkan nama lengkap
Mohon masukkan email anda
Nomor telephone bile yang dapat dihubungi